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AutoPot easy2grow 4

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  • Philosophy of AutoPot system

    The AutoPot easy2grow 4 is a self watering hydroponic system without pumps, automated irrigation programmers or any use of electricity. It provides everything you need for an easy and quick start for growing indoors or outdoors. This system provides with water and feeds your plants for up to four weeks, thanks to the unique system Aquavalve. The plants get water only when need it, from the base, and you avoid the risk of causing damage to the rooting system.
    Watering the crop goes via gravity from the water in the tank. The grower should simply control the water level in the tank and the dosage of the nutrient solution, adding when needed.

     The proposed system AutoPot easy2grow 4 include:

    4 pots 8,5 L

    2 bases for containers with covers

    2 kit bags (1 for each pair of containers)

    Tank capacity 47L

    Accessories connection (pipes and fittings)

    Expansion options

    The supplied tank can "irrigate" up to six cultivating pots (you choose the number you want), but using a larger barrel, you can attached a larger number of pots.

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